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Safety Services 

FCB Consulting recognizes that clients require alternative solutions to their existing safety related issues that are timely, cost effective and aligned with the client's business operating philosophies and goals.  We make it a priority to understand these factors and their importance in your decision making process.  FCB Consulting develops safety program plans that are in concert both your daily operating and longer term strategic business and safety goals. 

Our objective is to provide quality professional services that will assist your organizational efforts to provide your employees with a workplace environment where employees are well trained, potential hazards have been minimized, and all personnel in the company work together to minimize the occurrence of incidents and related injuries.  Effectively attaining these objectives comprises the primary goal of any well designed and implemented safety program - the protection and continued growth of your company's most valuable asset, your employees.  

A safety program that promotes a workplace environment where employee growth, health and welfare are valued goals derives a number of other benefits to an organization:  

  • Reduction in the Frequency and Severity of Accidents/Injuries
  • Reduction in Insurance Premium Cost
  • Reduction in Operations Risk Exposure   
  • Improvement in operating Productivity & Efficiency
  • Increased  Employee Moral
  • Reduction in overall Operating Costs
  • Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Our safety consulting services and training programs are specifically designed to provide clients with quality, customer oriented, reliable services and programs that add value to their operations through increased productivity, reduced cost and improved employee moral.  Our safety services and training programs are designed to keep our client companies businesses moving forward in a productive and safe manner.

FCB Consulting can assist the safety professionals in your organization with the development and implementation of written safety program plans and reporting, facility inspections, audits and personnel training that your company may require to meet operational and regulatory requirements.  FCB Consulting can also take responsibility for the complete development and implementation of all these safety program areas, freeing your management resources to direct their attention on other tasks.  

FCB Consulting
14608 Shaker Crest Place
Bakersfield, CA   93314
Phone: 310.995.4221

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