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Our mission is to assist clients in their efforts to identify and minimize the impact of workplace hazards through the development and implementation of effective safety and environmental programs.

FCB Consulting excels in providing companies with a broad spectrum of certified environmental and safety program services.  Our consulting and training services can be tailored to meet site specific operational and regulatory requirements.  We provide customized, cost effective programs.  Our programs promote a safer workplace, reducing or eliminating existing hazards, their cost and potential regulatory and civil liabilities.  Our customer service is exceptional and is delivered with the highest degree of ethical standards and professional integrity.  We take pride in our ability to align our services to meet our client's organizational, operational and regulatory needs. 

We will assist your organization at all levels to identify and minimize hazards in your workplace, reducing the frequency and severity of incidents and injuries. Our programs will ensure that employees are well trained, and all levels in the organization work together to eliminate workplace incidents and injuries.  A safe workplace both protects and enhances a company's most important asset, its employees. Hazard minimization reduces worker compensation costs and the potential regulatory and civil liabilities that can accompany workplace incidents. 

FCB Consulting has the capability and experience to develop, implement, maintain and enforce all aspects of an effective safety and/or environmental program for a specific facility.  FCB Consulting performs these tasks with an initial facility visit and consultation with company management to ascertain the level of service required, available management resources, budget parameters and initial implementation time line.  We then conduct a detailed facility inspection and audit to determine specific areas of deficiency. Based on the findings, FCB Consulting provides the required program and policy development, effective training programs and ongoing series of follow-up inspections and audits to monitor program implementation progress and ensure employees, at all levels, are held accountable for working in a safe and responsible manner.

FCB Consulting can also work with clients on a specific, or limited, project by project basis.  Whether retained to provide a specific safety or environmental training class, develop or update a specific program or policy, generate a new permit application, or represent the client in negotiations with regulatory agencies, FCB Consulting can effective meet a cleint's safety or environmental program needs. 


FCB Consulting
14608 Shaker Crest Place
Bakersfield, CA   93314
Phone: 310.995.4221

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