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Environmental Services 

FCB Consulting can perform a broad spectrum of environmental services that range from programs specifically directed at regulatory compliance monitoring and reporting to programs that are designed to determine, document and promote the environmental "sustainability" of your company.

Our regulatory compliance program services can be as simple as daily emissions calculations and record keeping for air quality operating permits, or as potentially critical as interpreting the requirements of information/records requests from regulatory authorities.  They can be as technical as generating permit applications for new equipment and/or processes, updating existing operating permits for new operating parameters.  They can be as creative as developing written program plans, or as professionally demanding as conducting compliance audits and inspections. 

"Sustanability" programs can begin with the determination, documentation and filing of your company's annual "Green House Gas Emissions" (GHG) and progress onward to determination of your company's "carbon foot print", in total, by product line and/or market segment.  On a more strategic basis, programs can be developed to improve the long term environmental "sustainability" of your company operations through improvements in the efficient use of existing materials, alternative materials and energy usage, etc. 

Written Program Plans:

FCB Consulting can assist your company in developing, updating and modifying environmental plans required by the US EPA, state and local environmental agencies and local governments.  This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Stormwater PLans
  • Spill Prevention Plans
  • California Accidental Release and Prevention Plans (CalARP)
  • Contingency Plans
  • Pollution Prevention Plans
  • SB 14 Sources Reduction Plans
Permitting and Reporting:
Most Environmental agency regulations today require that your company obtain a permit to operate, and in some cases a permit to construct, before facilities and/or equipment can be constructed and/or modified.  These same regulations also require monitoring reports  to be filed on a regular basis with various agencies.  FCB Consulting can assist your company in generating and filing the initial application for these regulatory agency permits and perform the ongoing periodic record keeping and reporting functions required by the permits.  These can include:
  • Industrial Waste Water Discharge Permits and Annual Surcharge Statements
  • Stormwater Discharge Permits and Reporting
  • Hazardous Waste Permits, Annual Manifest and Generator Reports
  • Hazardous Waste Biennial Reports (RCRA)
  • Tier II Reports
  • Form R Reports
  • Air Quality Permits, Daily Record Keeping, Annual Emission Reports
  • "Green House Gas" (GHG) emissions reports 

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